Our experienced team of consultants and game designers work together with your company a singleton game tailored to your needs. Even the co-creation phase creates a positive atmosphere that spreads into your company. 

The finished deck of cards is then played over several weeks (integrated into the daily work routine) and you can watch how individual transformation and playing together will transform your company and unfold new potential. A final evaluation provides an overview of the success of the measure.


We know where the problems lie. Together with experts in their respective fields, we have created ready-made card decks on the most important topics in the field of HR that are just waiting to be played by you and your employees. We help you start the game and accompany you through the process. A final evaluation evaluation ensures an overview of the success of the measure. Easy.

Our Expert-decks
Agile Superpowers

This deck of cards will make your organization more agile! Based on the Agile Manifesto and current research results, this deck will get your organizationready for agile work and will help you take the first concrete steps in that direction.


What routines and organizational structures are we in here and how am I doing during a working day? Why are meetings always like this and how do people feel about it? The mindfulness deck will touch each individual and encourage reflection on one's own and others' behaviour.

Digital Transformation

The potential of the digital is infinite. But the fear of it sometimes is. This deck whets the appetite for the possibilities and lets the players discover the digital universe in small steps and with a lot of fun. First step: Install the Singleton App:-)

New Work

Are you still working or alive? How can New Work increase success in your own company? Which skills have to be acquired in order to "re-work"? The deck "New Work" activates all employees and shows that new things can be fun and enrich one's own life.

Leadership - the first 100 days

This deck is aimed at all those who are taking on real management positions for the first time. How do you lead today? What behaviors characterize good leadership? aus? Here we don't learn by heart, but put into practice right away. Take the Lead!

Workplace health management

Everyone crouches with their backs crooked in front of mirrored computer monitors? Not for long. Our deck not only strengthens our own back, but also
the backbone of the entire company. Take care of each other and drink more water. Our deck makes the whole troop painless again and implements the legal requirements with excitement, fun and play.

Corporate culture

Everybody is grumbling, the boss spreads fear and terror and the only thing they do is grumble secretly in the kitchen? Let's face it, you can do better than that. The Deck corporate culture leads to better communication, a more respectful approach and a supportive attitude with simple steps.